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What is the Olivitaliaslowtour coupon?
The Olivitaliaslowtour coupon is a “virtual package” that can contain the tourist offer of selected suppliers within it and offers quality olive oil products.

How do you use the coupon Olivitaliaslowtour?
After purchasing one of our coupons you have the opportunity to use the facilities and require the products described in each coupon following the provided instructions after your purchase. In particular, you can download the file of the coupon describing exactly what you have purchased. You can request to benefit from tourist services and product pick-up by presentation of the coupon downloaded from the supplier. It is important that you give a booking/notice phone call previous to your intended date of arrival to the service provider.

How does the purchase of coupons work?

The coupons are divided into two main categories, SLOWTOUR (with the possibility of overnight stay) and WETASTE (noovernight stay, they are experience and tasting packages). Each of them contains some weekends or experiences suggestions in destinations or locations inspired by various regions of Italy and several kinds of proposals.
Anyone who buys or receives the coupon as a gift can choose the preferred destination and make the reservation (within 1 year of purchase) at the most suitable date. You can do it by calling the supplier at the number stated in the PDF coupon provided.

How can I order one of the olive oils presented in EVOSHOP?
The purchase of various packaging products of the Evoshop is independent from the purchase of coupons and requires that the product is shipped to the buyer with the addition of postage fees.

How do I pay for goods online?
Every purchase made ​​on our site can be paid in advance by bank transfer or by credit card through PAYPAL circuit, even without a Pay Pal account.

What are the delivery timings of coupons?
Delivery time is immediate as our system outputs the coupon that allows the booking at the chosen partner just after the payment is done.

What are the delivery times of olive oil packages?
Delivery times will depend on the geographical distance between supplier and customer. The delivery time takes in average a maximum of 20 daysafter the payment.

What is the validity of the Olivitaliaslowtour coupon?
The effective date of the coupon is stated on the coupon, but in any case it is not greater than 1 year from the date of purchase.

Does the use of coupons Olivitaliaslowtour provide extra charges?
Each coupon describes the offer into detail. Every extra service other than those provided in the coupon will have to be requested to the partner chosen at time of booking. The possible application of the tourist tax by the structures (mandatory in some cities / towns) is intended as extra expense and may be communicated / verified directly with the supplier at the time of booking.

Does the coupon Olivitaliaslowtour also include travel expenses?
The price of the coupon does not include any costs for travel or transfer services. The costs can be asked and agreed to the structure chosen at the time of booking.

Is the Olivitaliaslowtour coupon nominal?
The purchase of Olivitaliaslowtour coupons is not nominaland the buyer can sell it to third parties. The beneficiary will show up at the partner’s structure and validate the coupon.

How can I find my way in choosing the type of olive oil to buy?
Please refer to "KNOW THE OLIVE OIL" on the portal for a guide to the evaluation of the product as well as to the features shown on each page of product (chemical and organoleptic features).

Can I cancel or change a reservation?
Services are subject to the specific cancellation policies and modification of the selected partner. In this case, the beneficiary must contact the partner to request the modification or cancellation.

Can I recover a lost Olivitaliaslowtour coupon?
In case of loss of the PDF document of the coupon, the beneficiary will be able to re-download it through access to the personal area of the website, in the section "Detail of orders / DOWNLOAD COUPON".

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