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olivitaliaThe theme portal Olivitalia - Italian slow tour offers the opportunity to enjoy an authentic “oil-touristic” experience. The desire to know and appreciate the quality of the best Italian extra virgin olive oilsled us to discover the charm of the ancient art of the olive farming and the calm and rustic atmosphere of the best farmhouses in Italy.

This gave us the opportunity to present a series of ideal tourist trails to discover both the rural areas and the Italian quality extra-virgin olive oil farming, learning to recognize features and secrets of the main product of our diet directly from those who produce it, living in the name of a “slow, green and conscious”tourism.

Our job consists of selecting the best farm houses and rural houses as well as the best producers of Italianextra virgin olive oil, along with other “suppliers” depending on the opportunities in the various regions of Italy presenting them in the form of a coupon either directly to be purchased or to be given to your beloved ones.

Yes, our coupons are thought as small but intense completely authentic tasting experiences that are linked to quality and “slowness” in every detail.


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