Oil and beauty

Used since ancient eras to treat skin, oil is still a basic ingredient for many cosmetics.

Thanks to its emollient nature and for its beneficial effects, oil has been renown since ancient agesto treat all cases of dryness and scaling of skin and has been used in the creation of beauty products.

Authoritative scientific studies have demonstrated that olive oil has a composition in fats (triglycerides) very similar to the sebum of the skin; among natural lipids it is the one with the greatest affinity for the lipid layer of the skin.

In addition to fat, which constitute 98%, in olive oil there is a small percentage of substances such as vitamin E which protectsskin from aging, prevents the formation of stretch marks, controls the production of melanin and prevents the creation of the age spots. Oil also contains vitamin A, which prevents the dryness of mucous membranes, vitamin D, which allows a good intake of calcium, and carotenoids, which after absorption are transformed into retinol, a real enemy of free radicals.

Finally, olive oil also contains squalene, a hydrocarbon also present in the sebaceous secretions of human beings. It penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin and to reform the hydro-lipid wire, weakened by sunlight and detergents. According to tradition it is also good against hair weakness and hair loss because it deeply nourishes the hair bulb andthickening it. Regularly used in massage, oil gives a glowing skin that looks more relaxed. After a shower it is an excellent tonic and revitalizes dry skin making them smooth and radiant.

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