Who we work for

The Olivitalia portal is addressed to aware users who want to immerse themselves in the culture of places, savoring their typical aromas; it is aimed at tourists who enjoy green living as well as authentic experiences and seeking authenticity of places and products that come to the table; it is also addressed to caters and travelers who think that people and the environment are the elements that make trips memorable experiences.

The recipients of our proposals are people who seek and appreciate small cues to escape from the daily hectic pace: they can choose the type of experience and great places to find that balance with nature and with the culture of the places through our micro-regional tours.

By choosing one of the “Olivitalia packages” you can enjoy green weekends immersed in the quiet rhythms of rural or small villages, experiencing firsthand the passion and howfarmers are so liked to their land and enjoying the hospitality and relaxation guaranteed by the facilities selected in the various regions of Italy.

We think that the experiences of a few days (micro-itineraries) may represent an important moment in the lives of families and children whichh are small consumers, so that they can know what stays behind a bottle of oil. There is in fact tradition, history and conscious manufacturers.

We think that it is worthwhile to know in order to appreciate what our Country can offerfor the quality of our lives and of our tables.

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